Titanfall Update 6 Game Mode Removes Main Game Concept

August 29, 2014 - Sci-fi, Xbox,

Author: Staff

The new Titanfall update 6 will introduce a surprising new game mode called Pilot Skirmish. The new Featured Game Mode is an 8v8 mode but with no AI and no Titans. Straight up pilot vs. pilot. So Titanfall with no falling Titans – doesn’t that remove most of what made the original game concept? Sort of like playing a car racing game without the race track.


I think the argument between Titanfall vs. Call of Duty will enjoy this. Isn’t Pilot Skirmish pretty much Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare?


On a side note: this is rather unprecedented, has there been a game mode for another game that removes significant parts of the game?


Titanfall Update 6 offers many other tweaks. The release notes also state “Due to the difference in player sizes with the rest of the game modes, Pilot Skirmish will not be among the game modes played when choosing Variety Pack playlists.”


Titanfall update 6