The Worst Kept Secret in Apple History – iPhone 6

September 5, 2014 - Gadget, Sci-fi,

Author: Staff

The worst kept secret in Apple history is the iPhone 6. It will be announced next week on the 9th, while you are probably going to be playing Destiny. Here is pretty much everything they are going to be talking about so you won’t have to interrupt your gaming.


There will be two sizes of phone 4.7 and 5.5 inch (diagonal measured). The case will look very similar to the current iPhone but will feature rounded edges this time and the (now programmable) power button will move to the side.  The new main camera will be upgraded, but protrude from the back of the camera, and it will probably get scratched. The new phones will come in three colors, gold, “space gray”, and silver. No white this time.


Inside the device, NFC (near field communication) will be included, and it is rumored that Apple has deals with all 3 major credit cards. So maybe this technology will finally take off in the states. The fingerprint sensor has grown in size but still located over the button. New sensors like an internal barometer will be used for navigation and health-related purposes. Apple will boost the internal storage of the iPhone to 128 GB. But it is unclear whether Apple will add the 128 GB as a fourth option, or drop the lowly 16 GB model.


The much rumored sapphire glass will probably not happen due to drop test issues.  The watch will not be announced on the 9th.


Sources for this post include the following and a video from Russia.  Yeah watch the video this person seems to have a real iPhone, or one hell of a fake.


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