The Google Mattel Product

February 8, 2015 - Gadget,

Author: Staff

This Friday the 13th, Mattel is going to announce a mystery product in partnership with Google. The event will happen one day before Toy Fair 2015 starts. Not much else is known about this event except what is teasesed in the announcement.


The red and white invitation features the outline of an old school View-Master reel. Remember the cardboard disk embedded with small images you would slip into a View-Master Viewer to see them magnified. Some reels even had fake 3D effects. If that wasn’t enough of a hint, they added some copy to clarify: “view what’s possible.”


Hmm ok probably some type of modern View-Master, possibly using the Google Cardboard project. So maybe just an app from Mattel? I’m hoping it will be something kinda cool. We will post the mystery product here after the event if you a curious.


The Google Mattel Product





Mattel and Google are partnering to make a Google Cardboard-powered View-Master.   See the whole story at Gizmodo.  (photo credit: Gizmodo)