Playstation Renews Powers For Season 2

May 8, 2015 - PlayStation, Sci-fi,

Author: Staff

I think somewhat surprisingly Sony has renewed Powers for a second season. Not that the Image Comics based show doesn’t deserve a renew – but I thought the console content wars had ended. The looming battle of non-videogame content was set to play out with Microsoft creating shows like Halo and Playstation countering with Powers never materialized. Microsoft quickly gave up on its Entertainment Studio last summer after only two years of existence. This left Sony with no competition and little reason to offer exclusive TV show content on the Playstation.


Sony certainly has a distribution network for this content other than the Playstation but I doubt anyone debating what console to buy would factor in the Powers televison series.  I also doubt this is a tipping point for Playstation Plus fence-sitters.


If you or a friend have a PS Powers is worth checking out. Its different -more human struggle take on gritty superhero action in interesting. A world where superhero might just be out for themselves and a sponsorship deal. Now its no Daredevil but Sharlto Copley, Susan Heyward, Eddie Izzard deliver a solid performance with a limited budgets.


Powers is based on a comic by the same name written by one of my favorite writers Brian Michael Bendis. The story combines superhumans into a cop show with two homicide detectives, one of which was previously a super.



Playstation Renews Powers