Chances Of Getting a Badge For San Diego Comic-Con

July 6, 2015 - Comic-Con,

Author: Staff

The massive San Diego Comic-Con starts next week Wednesday. The ultimate of all cons is our favorite event of the year. But it is also one of the hardest events to attend. Each year it sells out in less than an hour, and technically that is only because it takes that long for the “Cheerio” system to work and the credit cards to get processed.  It is actually sold out the second the website opens as there are way more people trying to attend than tickets avaiable.  (Cheerio system = the new process selects people from the waiting room vs. the previous first come first served)

Attending requires about a years worth of planning as registration starts in the late fall and that requires you to be signed up first. Hotels are completely booked for the week by a travel service (which is a whole different story) and flights sell fast. But if that does not dissuade you and you are still thinking about going next year what are your Odds of getting a San Diego Comic-Con badge?

Well the good people at the the Unofficial SDCC Blog did the math. First you need to know a few things about the event. About 130,000 people attend every year although it is not completely clear if that includes VIP, Press, Exhibitors ect. SDCC Blog figures about 900,000 attempt to go each year, competing for about 110,000 avaiable tickets. Already the odds aren’t looking good.


Another important detail about attending the con is people who have attended the previous year get to “pre-register” which gives then an additional chance at getting tickets. This is significantly as these lucky people have a fairly decent shot and continuing to go. These previous Comic Con attendees have about a 50% chance of returning according to SDCC Blog and will take another 50,000 tickets.


So where does that leave the newbie, the first timer? Not great I’m sorry to say. Your odds of getting a ticket for SDCC in the general open registration are about 6.1% or 1 in 16 chance. Having multiple people registered in your group will give you additional chances as one person can buy several tickets for their friends (the number sometimes changes).


Other than volunteering, or working for a company that has a booth there are not many ways to get to get your badge. Tickets can not re-sold, given away, or scalped because you must present ID to receive your badge.  I’m sure there is a type of black market out there, especially for people to borrow badges for a day – but if you are caught you will be banned (for life I’ve heard).  I Hope I have not talked you out of trying, it is quite unique event and it deserves to be on your bucket list.  The Unofficial SDCC Blog is an excellent resource – definitely check them out if you are interested in attending.