PlayStation Experience 2015 – New Venue And Major Announcements

August 17, 2015 - PlayStation, Video Game,

Author: GamerReX

PlayStation Experience 2015 will be held in San Francisco this year and will run for two days in December. The official blog announced the venue move from last years Las Vegas location.  New ticket prices and dates were also announced. They also teased “major PlayStation announcements” coming. Last year’s event showed first gameplay footage of Uncharted 4, and Capcom announced that Street Fighter V would be a PS4 exclusive.

Speaking of Capcom, they will be back for the experience this year with the Capcom Cup. It will feature 32 of the world’s best Street Fighters competing for a significant $250,000 prize pool. If this is your thing you might be interested in the Capcom Cup VIP Package with premium seating for the event.


Tickets are on sale now for PlayStation Experience 2015. When ordering tickets PlayStation strongly recommends “registering with your PlayStation Network ID for… well, reasons that aren’t exactly clear to me at this point. But I’m told it’ll all make sense come December!”


The event will be held December 5 and 6 at Moscone West in downtown San Francisco. Tickets run about $40 per day (bit cheaper than last year) with discounts for early purchase and two day purchase. Get all the details here.


PlayStation Experience 2015