San Diego Comic Con 2016 PreRegistration

August 5, 2015 - Comic-Con,

Author: Staff

It is never to early to think about next years SDCC –  the Toucan official blog recently reminded us.  San Diego Comic Con 2016 preregistration will once again require a badge number to be eligible. Attendees who purchased a badge for one day, or multiple days will have a Badge Number printed on the bottom of their 2016 badge. The Toucan also hinted that Sometime soon you will receive a very important email from Comic-Con with instructions on how to validate your 2015 badge number online to qualify you for 2016 Attendee Preregistration.  Sometime soon is today!  So look for that email, you have until September 15 to validate your badge number.
If your badge does not have a number chances are you were in the professional, exhibitor, or non-paying attendee group and not eligible to participate in attendee preregistration – and you probably already knew that.  More information about eligibility is here.
If you are unfamiliar with the somewhat complicated Comic Con registration system, only people who attended last year are eligible to preregister for next year. This preregistration access greatly increases your chances of going again. If you are curious about your chances of actually getting a badge for Comic Con check out a previous post.


Preregistration usually takes place in the winter (November last year), and general registration happens in the late winter (mid Feb last year).