Until Dawn Halloween Festivities

October 30, 2015 - PlayStation, Video Game,

Author: Theo

Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games is celebrating Halloween right with some updates and events for the pagan holiday. The survival horror video game added 11 hidden pumpkins throughout the game that will only appear for the holiday, then they are gone. The PlayStation Blog reports “ We’re challenging you to find them all. They aren’t all easy to find and you might have to move the camera around to spot all of them. If you find one, take a screenshot and tag it with #UntilDawnPumpkin…”
The devs will also be hosting a Director’s Commentary live-stream on October 30th. You can join using the new PlayStation Events introduced in OS 3.0
Tune in to watch them play Until Dawn and talk about how they created certain scenes and effect. Until Dawn was designed to be played multiple times, as players cannot see all content with a single play-through. So tune in you might see something new (and scary).
And one more thing for the PlayStation exclusive title – an Until Dawn theme pack has just been released for PS4 only.