Bungie Teases Tweaks To Resources Coming

November 5, 2015 - Video Game,

Author: Staff

Bungie has teased several changes to resources are coming to Destiny. One of them being Weapon Parts will become purchasable from Banshee-44 for your hard earned Glimmer.  I seem to have a lot of both but Weapon Parts were nerfed a little with the October patch.  Apparently Bungie has heard an earful about the dearth of parts, and is fixing it with Banshee’s help.  The difficult to collect Legendary Material Etheric Light will be somehow connect with Petra.  And on the complete other end of the spectrum the easy to find Worm Spore will serve some real purpose with Eris – “Turns out she loves the stuff.”


No word on the date of the November patch with Bungie simply saying these changes “and more are coming soon.”


Bungie Destiny update