Remembering COD Before Public Betas and Day One Preloads

November 6, 2015 - Opinion,

Author: Mark

There was a time not that long ago when there were no public betas for console games – the day Call of Duty launched was the first time anyone in the general public ever played the game, and waiting in line for that opportunity meant something.


Standing in that cold parking lot line at 11:02 PM for your physical copy let you meet some of the people you would be playing against (or with) in the coming days.  Putting names to faces as they say.  You were all in the same boat, every map of a deserted town was new, every gun and perk untried.  You could almost rank your love of the game by where you stood in line.  Up at the front where a few dudes with camping equipment, folding chairs, a cooler with pizza boxes stacked on top.  A little farther back people sprawled out on a concrete with coats for pillows, and past that was me.  But after me the line could get long including last minute arrivals including annoyed mom’s with credit cards second guessing their decision to give in and drive to the mall.


The thrill of discovering the best site lines under live fire on day one has been lost.   Fretting over your first gun unlock decision or perk upgrade is gone.  The beta gives most if not all the gun and perk secrets away and if it doesn’t you can always check out IGN for complete walk-thus days before release.
I live where it can get cold in November and I can tell you I don’t miss still being in line at 12:45 because the Game Stop credit card system is down.  Jason is texting me – “where are you – still installing?”  I write back “no, still fucking IN LINE!”.  And I didn’t meet any life long friends standing in line for the game at Best Buy.  But I do sorta miss the days before COD public betas and Day One Digital preloads.


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