Activision Survey May Give Insight Into COD Black Ops 3 Updates

December 11, 2015 - Video Game,

Author: GamerReX

A rather long survey about Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is being sent out by Activision to people who are in the public Activision Playtesting group. The survey covers a variety of topics and might give some insight into future content and updates for Black Ops. The survey asks participants their opinion about several maps from previous Call of Duty releases. Activision wants to know what we thought about the maps: Look/Visuals, Theme, Overall Fun, and “how fun was using advanced movement (e.g. Boost Jump) on this map?.” (for applicable maps) Maps in question were taken from COD Black Ops 2, Ghosts, and Advanced Warfare. It might be fair to say the maps in question are probably candidates for remakes in Call of Duty Black Ops 3. Some of the map titles in the survey were: Freight, Cargo, Solar, Riot, Tremor, Whiteout, Chasm, and Warhawks.

The new Specialist system was also included in the feedback request, Activision wanted to know esthetically did we like the “look of this character”. Abilities or other aspects of the Specialist Class were not asked about, only the characters visuals. Every specialist was in the survey.  How Activision did want to know if we thought Specialists significantly hurt or improved the experience and if they were “fun”.  Being an old school player I could take or leave the Specialist system.

One of the more interesting questions was about Crypto Keys. Activision wanted to know our opinion about the content of the drops and what content was most appealing. Feedback was requested for each of current content types included in drops. They also asked what could be included or changed within the Crypto Key drops to improve them. Has there been some disinterest in the Crypto Key drop? Personally I’m not all that interested in gun camo, and decorations, but I would take a 2XP perk. Speaking of Treyarch announced this via Twitter (It’s getting cold. What would you think about warming things up with a bit of 2XP this weekend?