Battlefield 4 Dragon Valley DLC

December 15, 2015 - PC, PlayStation, Video Game, Xbox,

Author: GamerReX

DICE continues to offer excellent support for Battlefield (released back in October 2013) with the release of the Battlefield 4 Dragon Valley DLC aka The Legacy Operations DLC. Their continued support has been much appreciated here at The Black Phosphor, we are big fans of the Battlefield series. The latest in a string of several free updates from EA features a favorite classic that was voted on by fans about a year ago. Remastered from the original massive Dragon Valley map in Battlefield 2 the modern update is true to the classic with some nice tweaks to allow the latest Frostbite engine to show it’s skills.


Our goal for this map was to make an impressive, large vehicle map for Battlefield 4, but at the same time modernize the original when appropriate – and include the full spectrum of applicable game modes. We weren’t going for a perfect replica here, rather looking to mimic the gameplay from the original in a very different game.


Overall the map is just impressive looking, its also much taller than the previous map. Some of the key buildings and structures have been increased in size to match the scale increase. For example the small Hill Village is much larger with more buildings – each with a tendency to be destroyed in combat. For the complete list of changes and mods visit the Battlelog.
Battlefield 4
The Battlefield 4 Dragon Valley DLC is avaiable today for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A patch is also rolling out to support the new map. It sounds like the The Legacy Operations map will not be avaiable for PS3 and Xbox 360 game consoles.  And all that for the low low cost of Free – thank you again EA and DICE.


In other news Battlefield 5 is officially under development and targeting a Holiday 2016 launch.