Fable Legends Update Final Stat Wipe And Bonus

December 11, 2015 - Beta, Video Game, Xbox,

Author: Peyton

Fable Legends is receiving another update but it looks to be one of last before the Xbox Exclusive goes live. It now runs 24/7 without interruption, and Lionhead has launched many new features for both heroes and villains.


The latest update (CU18) adds a larger Brightlodge, Hero Talents, and stat points which “allow you to fine-tune the way your Hero plays by unlocking perks as you level up.” Speaking of leveling up… Profiles will no longer be wiped starting now and going forward. You can visit Albion at any time from now on, and keep all your experience, items and money forever and ever. Also announced by Microsoft a new player welcome gift. Every player who logs in will be given a free new player starter pack which includes 575 gold, 3250 silver, 35 potions and some fishing bait.


Fable Legends is in a public beta right now, to learn more and sign up for the Xbox Exclusive beta visit fablelegends.com