Ghost in the Shell: First Assault – Stand Alone Complex Early Access

December 18, 2015 - Animation, Beta, PC,

Author: Staff

Ghost in the Shell: First Assault is now avaiable for Early Access (aka beta) game play via Steam. The long in development FPS title is receiving mostly positive reviews and is coming along visually and and mechanically. The hybrid anime illustration look serves the game well and is inline with the core story. However a note to fans of Ghost in the Shell – First Assault isn’t diving too deep into lore with this offering. It is borrowing characters and some environments but not much else. That aside it is a promising game and worth your attention if you love a good FPS and happen to be a fan of the manga. One interesting feature is the cyborg customization option which will support 5,000 different layouts.


Stronger, faster and more lethal than mankind’s deadliest soldier: You’re a member of Section 9, an elite force of cybernetically enhanced combat operatives responsible for protecting society and fighting terrorists on the neon drenched streets of a futuristic Japan.


The game is designed to be free-to-play with in game currency that of course can be purchased with real world cash. But to join the the early access beta will cost you at least $5 US. Other packs are avaiable up to the $30 Elite Early Access Pack.


Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – First Assault Online is available now on PC at Steam as a beta release. It features PvE and PvP modes.