Powers Season 2

December 7, 2015 - PlayStation, TV,

Author: Staff

The PlayStation Blog featured an update on Powers season 2 from Brian Michael Bendis (Jessica Jones) today. The executive producer and former comic book writer of which the sci-fi show is based gave a big run down of what has been happening behind the scenes.  He came bearing gifts of a season 2 trailer (see below), and he explained how we might see some differences from the previous season. Although it might now be as noticeable as Mr. Bendis thinks, he promised that the team has “helped make this season even bigger and bolder than ever!” which does appear to be true.

Powers Season 2 storyline is focused on the biggest case in the Powers’ comic book history. The mystery of who killed (and how) the much loved Retro Girl? The biggest superhero in the Powers universe is dead and “literally everyone is a suspect.”

Powers is expected early next year however no official date has been given. There was some concern that Powers would be canceled after season one as the landscape of the console wars has shaken out a little more in Sony’s favor and Microsoft has all but stopped creating show content for the Xbox. Instead it appears Sony has re-upped and has added more stars like Wil Wheaton and Timothy Perez to the PlayStation Exclusive show.

We felt Powers season 1 was a little unsure of itself at first but easily made our watch list, well above some of the more predictable television fare our there. It stands as a well written alternative take on a world coming to grips with individuals with powers.  I’m excited to see how some experience, and a bigger budget can move Powers forward.