Rainbow Six Siege Free Play Weekend

December 18, 2015 - Beta, PC, Video Game,

Author: Staff

Have a friend who owns Rainbow Six on the PC, you might want to him em’ up for one of their free keys so you can join the Rainbow Six Siege Free Play Weekend. Starting today (December 18) gamers on PC will be given four keys to hand out to friends for a special free play weekend that begins at 3:01 PM PST. Keys will deliver a full version of the Ubisoft team-based tactical shooter. If you love it the game will be 25% off this weekend and you keep your stats – nice touch.


Ubisoft is encouraging owners to not horde their keys by offering a special incentive. For every referral key delivered, the owner will receive a special 24hour XP boost. The boost will be avaiable after this free weekend ends.


In related news Ubisoft has offered up the first patch for Rainbow Six. The “title update” as they call it went live on the 16th and is the “this first of many title updates.” The patch offers many tweaks and updates to the FPS. The most notable is a new “auto kick feature” as punishment for team killing. Ubisoft has setup some parameters that will trigger an automatic boot of an offender. Same goes for intentional hostage killing while playing as Defender. Ubisoft is taking this serious and will be tracking if the auto-kick feature reduces intentional team killing instances and will be adjusting the rigor of the parameters accordingly. See all the patch notes at the developers blog.