Sparrow Racing Coming To Destiny

December 5, 2015 - PlayStation, Video Game, Xbox,

Author: GamerReX

Bungie is bringing a new twist to the vast world of Destiny, sparrow racing! This idea has probably already crossed your mind as you head to the far side of a planet. Hey we could race these things… Well now can you can, at least for a little while.


Destiny will soon have multi-player sparrow racing allowing players to race against each other in a new competitive event. From the trailer shown at the PlayStation Experience the racing appears to have some unconventional aspects including gun play, grenades, time warps, and large obstical avoidance.


Destiny sparrow racing will be available for players who have The Taken King expansion. The limited time event will start on December 8th and last for only 3 weeks. Locations mentioned include Venus and Mars. Run groups appear to be small, maybe 6 to 9 riders competing for “new rewards” such as gear and new sparrows.





Rev up your sparrows, guardian. Racing is coming to Destiny: The Taken King.