Vault Tech 111 Sneaker Review

December 6, 2015 - Opinion, Video Game,

Author: Mark

We generally don’t usually review a lot of clothing on the Black Phosphor blog but today we make an exception for the Vault Tech general issue sneaker. Inspired by Fallout 4, the blue suede shoes are one of many items available from the Bethesda store.


The shoes are comfortable and very lightweight, like a good running shoe. They are perfect for hanging out, and casual use around the vault. But you are not going to want to get these wet, as the color will run and bleed like a headless raider. The packaging indicates the unisex athletic footwear has been specially developed by science to accommodate and facilitate a wide range of expected activities. So good job again science.

The Vault-grip™ tread is mostly flat, and I wouldn’t say there is a lot of arch support, although easily enough to be comfortable for sure. Having worn these a few days I’ve already gotten a few “nice shoes” from surprised fellow Fallout players, and from other people who have no idea what the “111” signifies.

Speaking of the design, the blue and yellow colors are spot on to the video game. The 111 in large yellow numbers (for easy vault identification) is painted over the suede, as is the Vault Tech logo on the heal.

If you are looking for a gift for yourself or a gamer this holiday season these might do the trick.  They come in a authentic Vault Tech branded box which feels like it was taken straight from the game.  Sure to be difficult to throw away.  I’ll be transferring mine (X) to the closet for safe keeping.

Shipping was quick and accurate, I’ve ordered a few things from the Bethesda store.  One note the shoe size might run just a little small.  I’m usually a 10.5 and these were a little snug at first until I broke them in. So if you are on the edge you might consider the larger size. The Vault Tech 111 Sneaker runs $85 normally but has been on sale a few times already this fall. I got mine for 60 caps.