Xbox Should Embrace It’s Counter Culture Destiny

December 22, 2015 - Opinion, Xbox,

Author: Mark

It appears Microsoft’s Xbox One is just not going to achieve the title of most popular game console this generation, so I believe it should embrace it’s destiny of the counter culture platform. I’m using the term “popular” to indicate the best selling console, not necessarily the most loved or the most passionate fan base. And here is where I see some room, and an opportunity for Xbox. Large market share does not equate to consumer passion, ask a Hell’s Angel.


Besides the game console landscape needs some definition, its too vanilla now. Who are the Jedi and who are the Sith? Much like (ironically) Apple did back in 1997 when it was being trounced by Microsoft, the Xbox should compete with a “Think Different” motto. And I think Xbox should head to the dark side.


PlayStation is already heading to the high ground. The cute Asian girl’s voice ending each tv spot with “play-sta-shun” is adorable. Microsoft should counter with James Earl Jones (if we are sticking with the Star Wars theme) or Al Pacino saying “go away, we don’t want you”. The previous PlayStation console started up with the sounds of an elegant orchestra tuning up for a master performance. I suggest the Xbox One should launch with The Dead Kenedys playing “Kill the poor.”


Sony has claimed their colors of blue and good guy white. Xbox should just own black (and maybe that bright green?). Let PlayStation advertise Just Dance, and Disney Infinity during the Thanksgiving Day parade. Xbox should only advertise Mortal Combat X and Doom during UFC prize fights. All Xbox promotional swag like shirts and hats should come pre-damaged with a rip. Let the PlayStation fans get little tattoos on their ankles, Xbox faithful get ink – on their foreheads.