Archer Season 7 Starts Thursday With A Shocker

March 30, 2016 - Animation, Sci-fi, TV,

Author: Staff

Archer, one of the best shows on TV, returns to FX on Thursday and it will contain a shocker. Well at least the first few minutes have a serious surprise. A teaser clip released on the website BuzzFeed sets the stage for a new spin on the master spy themed animated show. More on this in a second. Season 7 finds the gang in LA having been blacklisted from international espionage for reasons way too numerous to mention. Having left the east coast Duchess is now working as a private investigator as he a Lana work out their parenting skills, presumably with no help from mother.


You can watch the first few minutes of season 7 episode 1 on BuzzFeed. Important: The cold open does not contain any spoilers but the writer did. So I suggest you scroll down the page of extra large text to the video without reading the copy above. I would post the video here sans spoiler but it is BF exclusive.


Season 7 marks a another milestone for the show, but not a reboot, as Archer is liberated once again from the bonds of the hires office. LA will be a perfect backdrop of sand and sun vs. the dull gray of the big city. Almost like another show from the 70s, speaking of. Earlier this winter Reed and FX created a Magnum PI inspired open for this season. Similar to the fantastic Top Gun clip the open is a perfect shot for shot homage to an original tv spy hero.


The opening hour long show will be a virtual two-part episode back to back. As in previous seasons don’t expect the underlying main storyline to be addressed in each episode – the “refreshed” Archer will have “tons and tons of new elements: wardrobe, weapons, cars, the sets” to play with according to show creator Adam Reed.


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