Comic Con Gets New RFID Badges

June 24, 2016 - Comic-Con,

Author: Staff

The San Diego Comic Con will get new RFID badges this year, joining other cons like NYCC that have upgraded security and anti-forgery efforts. Starting this year SDCC attendees will be issued all new badges, and new holders for the card. Cards are attached to individual, and can’t be swapped or transferred – they recommend you just leave your badge alone once it arrives.


With the new Comic Con RFID Badges, attendees must now “tap in” and “tap out” when they enter each day. There will be RFID gates set up at all lobby doors including the famed Hall H, The Convention Center, and the Indigo Ballroom. Its unknown if other locations such as the X-Box Lounge will have the readers.


The organizers of Comic Con will also be performing “random identification checks” at the new RFID gates. They are asking people to please make sure they have some photo id that matches their badge. They have said in the past there could be checks to insure your badge matches your photo id but this seemed to be more of a legal catch-all vs. a warning.  This year seems a little more serious.


Your SDCC badge should be arriving soon via mail, in an unmarked package so don’t toss it out with the spam.  The badges come without a lanyard but I’m sure you have a few extras.  Bags and this years lanyard will be avaiable at the con along with all the other stuff like previous years.


Comic Con RFID Badges