Marvel’s Iron Fist Sets A Big Stage For The Defenders

October 11, 2016 - Comic-Con, Comics, Marvel, Netflix, TV,

Author: Staff

Expect a huge Marvel party on Netflix next fall, as many characters return.

Finally we got a full trailer for Marvel’s Iron Fist which arrives on Netflix March 17. The New York Comic Con panel also gave new insight into last member of The Defenders. Iron Fist to not only introduces Danny Rand (Mr. Fist to you and me), but will set the stage for the upcoming The Defenders storyline. He will join Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage in an epic fight against The Hand and Sigourney Weaver. No really that is true, Weaver will be an yet un-named (and awesome) lead villain.


Iron Fist like the other Marvel Netflix adventures will be an origin story. Telling the tale of how Danny (Finn Jones) became the latest in a long line to hold the power of the Immortal Iron Fist. As we have come to expect from almost anything Disney Danny has lost his parent to a tragic event, in this case a plane crash.  But he will have help in Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick), who will get a significant part in this series.


As the Iron Fist series coalesces all the elements for the big show down next fall, we will see many familiar characters return. Expect lawyer Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Ann Moss) to make an appearance, and we are pretty sure Foggy Nelson (now working for Jeri) will show up too. Madame Gao is not dead yet, and we know from Luke Cage that the “Chinese are up to something” she briefly appears in the trailer.


Possible Agents of SHIELD And Marvel’s Iron Fist Crossover Too?


The party might get even bigger as the executive producer Jeph Loeb of Agents of SHIELD has implied the two small-screen Marvel worlds will probably be crossingover. When asked at the panel if that is the case, Loeb responded “I get in trouble every single time I say this, which is #ItsAllConnected. But trust me when I say #ItsAllConnected and that’s about all I can say on it at this time.”

Marvel’s Iron Fist Trailer.