Overwatch Halloween Is Coming

October 10, 2016 - Beta, Video-Game,

Author: Staff

New Hero, New Map, New Game Modes

ptrWe know Blizzard is working on many things including a special Overwatch Halloween surprise for us all, here is a recap of the facts, and rumors. First the facts, last week we got a developer update video (see below) from Jeff Kaplan, member of the Overwatch dev team. He told us at least two new heroes are in the final stages of development along with up to four new maps, and a new game play mode. However he noted that only a few of these maps, and experimental games might see the light of day, several will go away due to many factors.

UPDATE: Overwatch just dropped the Halloween skins. Get em quick, they will only be available for the next three weeks. Also as rumored the new “Overwatch Halloween Terror” seasonal comes the first ever co-op PvE brawl called, Junkenstein’s Revenge.


The other minor stuff includes a number of balance changes and updates for existing Overwatch heroes (some currently active in the PTR). Tweaks to Widowmaker’s sniper rifle scope speed continue to be addressed in hopes “she gets played more”, Junkrat’s steel trap will be more dangerous to Genji, and help is coming to Symmetra. Be sure to check out the informative video.


The Overwatch Halloween Leaks And Rumors


But the big news comes from several leaks which may or may not be planned by the clever people at Blizzard. A short lived URL offered several hints (including a sneak peak at an unreleased comic book) at what is coming most likely for Halloween. Sombra has been possibly revealed in her final form (see image below). She is described as one of the world’s best and most notorious hackers, now working for Talon. We believe she is the hero “in the final stages” Jeff is referencing in the video.


The new Halloween Overwatch game mode is rumored to be a “horde survival” type game on possibly Eichenwalde. During this new zombie game type “points” can be earned which will probably be used to buy items for this specific map mode. No word if this will be a temporary brawl like Lucioball, or a lasting game mode. It sounds like the team must defend the castle from possibly Junkenstein who builds a Roadhog Frankenstein.


Halloween skins for Overwatch have also been “leaked” or maybe just teased. The ninth issue of the Overwatch comic was accidentally dropped before being quickly removed.  The community has already translated the whole thing, you can find it here. The Overwatch Halloween skins teased are: Mad Doctor Junket, Frankenstein Roadhog, Jack O’Lantern Reaper, Viking Torbjorn, Militia Man Reinhardt, and an awesome Van Helsing McCree.


I’m pretty excited for all of this, most of sounds very possible – the pieces seem to fit. Guess we will find out soon…









The leaked Overwatch Comic cover