Team Shooter Paladins Coming To Consoles

October 7, 2016 - Beta, PC, PlayStation, Xbox,

Author: GamerReX

Paladins Coming To PlayStation and Xbox

Some of us here have been playing the Overwatch-like team shooter Paladins quite a bit lately. Currently in open beta now on the PC, developer Hi-Rez has just announced the FPS will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. No specific date was given for the console beta, except for “soon.”  Sign-ups for the Paladins console beta are live, find the PS4 beta signup here and the Xbox One beta signup here.



Strong Similarity To Overwatch


While very similar to Overwatch in very many ways, Hi-Rez was insistent that Paladins was not a copy of the Blizzard game. In a statement found on IGN Hi-Rez’s COO Todd Harris asserted that Overwatch “was not the inspiration for Paladins.” Later he provided a very detailed history of Paladins’ development in a lengthy post, to explain their parallel lives.


Playing on PC for the last few months we like the familiar feel but faster game play. Most of the heroes are very similar in style and game play to Overwatch. One difference is a card system for buffs, and a hybrid game mode call Siege. This mode combines capture the point, and escort in similar – yet different way.


Personally the overall polish, and pure refinement of Overwatch is excellent. Paladins is just not there yet on a mechanical, or visual level. Paladins also feels more cartoony than Overwatch, and I’m less of fan of this style. But if like Overwatch you might consider trying Paladins.