Razer Goliathus Gaming Mat Review

January 15, 2017 - PC, Video-Game,

Author: GamerReX

Razer recently released their new Goliathus soft gaming mat, after a few weeks of gaming on the new mouse pads here is what we think. As most things designed by Razer these are for PC gamers and not Word users. The mats are built to stand up to heavy use without showing wear, or god-forbid – tear. Razer calls them the soft mat for the hardcore. The cloth-based design lets you roll these guys up into a tube and cram them in your backpack with no worries; they take their shape, lay flat, and don’t curl. The mats have a good height, just 3 mm or 0.12 inch off the table. A smooth edge, and no-slip grip on the back that is awesome round out the deal.


While the differences in gaming mats is not huge, finding the perfect one for you can take time and research. If you happen to come across one you love my advice is buy two. I think these new Razer mats should be contenders on your list. The Goliathus mat comes in two formulas, the control edition and the speed edition. Aptly named one surface is for better control for events like sniping, and the other is for speed.



Razer Goliathus Control Mat



According to Razer the control mat is optimized for both laser or optical sensors. The micro-textures on the surface of mat give pixel perfect control for in-game accuracy. We found the textured weave of the surface gave the right amount of mouse friction for most occasions. The surface is still plenty fast but also provides good resistance against the mouse surface. Razer says, the weave also provides a comfortable feel under your wrist and hand, minimizing fatigue over extended periods of play.



Razer Goliathus Speed Mat



On the other side of the equation we have the speed mat. The weave on the Razer Goliathus Speed Edition is pulled taut and creates a fairly slick and seamless surface. The speed mat is certainly quick, probably too quick for our liking actually. It takes some getting used to the speed before it’s less of a problem, but in the end I still found it too fast. I started to use the side of my pinky finger on the mat to increase the friction and slow the mouse. One side note based on personal previous experience with other mats, over time the tight speed surfaces tend to get lest dirty. This is because speed pads are less cavernous and therefore catch less dirt in the cracks.



Goliathus is available in four sizes if you count the huge extended “playmat” style. I found the medium size to be perfect. Allowing for some occasional over-scroll, the mat is was enough for us, and we never found ourselves at the edge. Of course the also depends on your mouse sensitivity setting.

Small – 215 mm x 270 mm / 8.46 in x 10.73 in
Medium – 254 mm x 355 mm / 10 in x 13.98 in
Large – 355 mm x 444 mm / 13.98 in x 17.48 in
Extended – 294 mm x 920 mm / 11.57 in x 36.22 in


I also want to mention there is a third option, a mobile version, which has a textured cloth finish for the perfect balance between speed and control. It comes in one smaller size for travel. However to us this seemed like a compromise you don’t need.


All mats are available now, the speed and control mats start at $15, the mobile mat is $8. Various graphics and sizes options will change the price.