Colony Season 2 Finale Is Awesome – Spoiler Free Preview

March 29, 2017 - Sci-fi, TV,

Author: Mark

Everything leading up to the Colony finale is fantastic


After last week’s episode of Colony I couldn’t help myself , I binge watched the last two episodes including the season finale via screeners. I just had to know how this series was going down. While watching TV preview screeners has its benefits, for example no commercials, I often prefer watching my sci-fi shows week by week with everyone else. I can let the story sink in, hear everyone else’s thoughts, theories, and ideas. Not this time


[spoilers up to and including “Lost Boy” S2 Ep11]



Colony Season 2 finale – spoiler free


As I mentioned, I could not wait for the Colony season 2 finale. And let me say right now, the Colony finale and everything leading up to it is fantastic. Somehow Carlton Cuse perpetuates the pressure and tension that has been building up all season long, right through to the end. Here is what you can look forward to.


In the last episodes (#12 and the finale #13) fans of the infamous proxy Snyder will not be disappointed. The former block master will have a new resurgence over the last two episodes. He’s out of the juvenile detention zone and looking to work his way back in. Out for only himself his lost swagger returns. But if you are attached to another character in the show, let just say anything can happen Game of Thrones style. Sadly it’s not going to work out for everyone. We all know a few LA residents have played the game very hard, and might not participate in season three. With that said maybe someone who we thought was gone – is not.


Extreme situations make for strange bedfellows. The last shows are like a mashup, several different camps and individuals working with and against each other – sometimes at the same time. Have to say I enjoyed the double crossing politics of almost everyone on the cast. It’s a sci-fi soap opera under the supervision of aliens.


On a quick side note, someone just pointed out the Maddie’s husband was flying Oceanic Airline when the invasion hit. That is the same airline from Lost. Hmm, do these two stories live in the same Cuse universe?


I can tell you that you are not going to learn too much about the new overlords of Earth at the end of season 2. Well one pretty interesting piece of information comes to light. It appears season three will be setup to evolve a new sense of liberty for humankind. The stakes for survival have been elevated and it certainly feels like the shit will be hitting the fan soon. I think the humans (at least some of them) are finally going to take a stand.


Colony Season 3


Bigger events transpire in the last episode – season 3 of USA’s Colony will start in a whole “new place.” After what goes down, the next season (of my new favorite show) could be much different. Maybe you can glean a hit from an episode entitled “Ronin.” But I think the timing is right, the boarded up Yonk is a memory, and either you are with us, or against us. Hell the hosts have even blown up their own distribution center. LA is falling apart.


USA’s Colony has only two episodes left. Episode 12 called Seppeku airs March 30th, and Colony Season 2 Finale (called Ronin) will air the week after.


Colony Season 2 Finale