Incredible Details Of Horizon Zero Dawn

March 21, 2017 - PlayStation, Sci-fi, Video-Game,

Author: Theo

Ants and evaporation included

Horizon Zero Dawn had an impressive launch, truly a game where everything came together including the incredible game details. The level of details is amazing in this game. While scurrying rats, and flocking birds might be impressive in most games, Zero Dawn even includes ants climbing up trees and footprints in the mud.


The attention to the details make you want to explore every corner for the chance you might find something new. I felt the same way playing Fallout 4, I just have to walk over there just to see what’s inside. The lush world fills in the story details of a world long past, and just evolving (except in robot form). Like another NPC in the game a real ecosystem adds depth. And like a real ecosystem the diversity and balance of nature sometimes takes very odd forms.


But all along Guerrilla Games did an amazing job of keeping the game play fluid on your tour of discovery. Balancing the gameplay vs the CPU required to pull these details off takes skill. Speaking of fluid, you should check out the GIF below. It shows puddles after a rainstorm that evaporate in real time after the sun comes out. And have you noticed you swim faster with the current, and slower when swimming against it? Visual details working in tandem with gameplay.



Horizon: Zero Dawn GIF Shows Puddles That Evaporate in Real Time


In Horizon Zero Dawn as the sun falls below a ridge line, light snow falling in the mountains, I honestly just stop sometime to enjoy the amazing virtual view. Looking at the combined effect of the wind and weather, dust in the air when I sprint, and the rest of the fine details, it is an impressive feat and I appreciate their work. You know it almost becomes a distraction, a foliage sidequest keeping me from the real goal, finding that Cauldron!