X-Men TV Series Updates – No Title Yet

March 11, 2017 - Marvel, Sci-fi, TV,

Author: Staff

While we are thoroughly enjoying the X-Men based Legion on FX, we are keeping a close eye on Fox’s new X-Men TV series now called Gifted. Series franchise producer Lauren Shuler Donner shared the news tweeting this pic of a cast reading, that includes Joseph Morgan of Originals fame!



Wait scratch all that!


Refuting this latest development is Entertainment Weekly. Morgan of Originals will not be taking part in the Marvel show, he was just taking part in the read. Oh my wife will be disappointed. And no the show won’t be called “Gifted.” Comon thats way too short of a title, and where is the trendy subtitle?


So then nothing to report here. We have no date, and no title. But we do know the cast is in Dallas to start shooting with Bryan Singer.


Watch out. X-men are coming for you Dallas. #mutantsquad (missing the our badass muties @jamiejchung & @seanjamesteale )

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While you wait you could read the synopsis again…


The pilot centers on Kate (Acker) and Reed Stewart (Moyer), two ordinary parents who discover their children have abilities. Forced to go on the run from the government, they team up with an underground network of mutants, led by Sam (Redford). Chung will portray the teleporting mutant Blink, while Dumont plays Polaris, the mistress of magnetism and the daughter of Magneto.