American Gods Premiers This Weekend

April 30, 2017 - Sci-fi, TV,

Author: Theo

What did I just watch


American Gods premieres tonight on Starz, if you are looking for some bloody mythology, mixed with sci-fi fighting fantasy this might be something to check out. Based on a twisted and violent Neil Gaiman novel the story is, well I’m not sure. I had no idea what was happening last year when I first heard about this a Comic Con and almost a year later I’m still not sure. In all fairness I have not read the best seller so take that into consideration. I can say Stars live-action take on American God is a weird ride, a tough narrative to follow, sprinkled with a few scenes of extreme violence.


The TV series focuses on Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle). Just released from prison after being told his dear wife has been killed he quickly meets an interesting character named Mr. Wednesday. He is part trickster, part con artist, and part God. A road trip of sorts ensues as the two set out to make their way across America. Not sightseeing mind you, but something much bigger.


American Gods is the story of a cold war just starting to boil over between the Old Gods who are fading and the New Gods. These Gods have human forms and walk and talk like the rest of us. But the similarity ends there, because the story ricochets from fantasy to vignettes to confusion – for us and the main character.


Certainly a fantasy vision to behold the ambitious series explores a new world through different time periods and a collection of stories. Never short of shock value violence can be over the top as we travel to some very troubled times. Gods also carries a political message as it explores small town America in all its diversity, which I’m sure won’t be lost in this current environment.
American Gods premieres April 30 on STARZ.