Mortal Engines Peter Jackson’s Next Sci-fi Adventure

April 16, 2017 - Movies, Sci-fi,

Author: Theo

Mortal Engines

After years of development Peter Jackson’s next sci-fi movie Mortal Engines is currently in production in New Zealand. Based on the story written by Phillip Reeve, Mortal Engines is set to anchor another multi-film blockbuster similar to his Lord of the Rings masterpiece. The first of four novels, work on Engines began in 2001 when Jackson purchased the rights to the project. His first major project since 2005 (King Kong) will reunite many LOTR alum with the hope of achieving the same fantastic results.


Mortal Engines Story

Set thousands of years into the future after the “Sixty Minute War” we find ourselves in another post-apocalyptic world. The intense conflict changed the world causing massive geological change. Earthquakes, volcanoes are now the norm so in the spirit of steampunk humans have mobilized cites with huge wheels, and massive engines. London is now a nomad city (aka Traction City) on the move roaming the world and searching for other smaller cites to be “eaten” for resources. While trying to avoid being consumed by other larger metropolises.

Mortal Engines is an epic story designed by God for Peter Jackson to tell on a grand scale with a big screen. A fantastical, futuristic world full of incredible sights, stories, and machines. With love, hate, and everything in between, it will take a master story teller many hours to spin. I predict the director’s cut clocks in at just under four hours.

Hugo Weaving (The Hobbit, The Matrix) has recently joined the cast that includes Stephen Lang (Avatar), Hera Hilmar, Robbie Sheehan, and Ronan Rafterty. Speaking of The Matrix, will it be rebooted? Also cast, the beautiful Leila George will play Katharine Valentine who is the daughter of the most powerful man in rolling London, and the one who is trying to get his hands on a very powerful weapon of mass destruction. Production, according to Variety, is slated to begin in New Zealand this spring, and the film is set to release on Dec. 14, 2018.