Overwatch Next Event – Insurrection

April 11, 2017 - Video-Game,

Author: Staff

New horde mode coming to Overwatch


Updated: The new Overwatch season event is now live, and it’s called Overwatch Uprising. Jump back 7 years to Tracers’ very first mission. Features more than 100 declassified Loot Box items.


Overwatch next event will be called Insurrection and most of the details appear to have leaked in a new French trailer. Containing the usual new selection of skins and other collectable the event game mode looks to be a cooperative horde-style kill em’ all. Insurrection will take place on the King’s Row map during the day. I’m going to guess high noon. Based on the leak, gamers will try and last as long as they can vs an army of Omnic enemies. Hero selection for the new event includes: Tracer, Mercy, Reinhardt or Torbjorn.


Overwatch Insurrection could begin as early as today April 11th, and it runs through May 1st, again according to the leak. So these dates might change. As of 7:00 CST nothing yet. However the Overwatch Twitter account has also teased that “a special mission” would be declassified sometime on April 11th (possibly noon CST according to Express UK).


Last week Blizzard began teasing the release of  the Overwatch Mission Archives. These are set in the King’s Row Uprising, and we also got a new digital comic that gives new backstory details on the Omnic Uprising. Set seven years in the past, the comic tells the story of the team’s original members in one of their most difficult fights.