The WWE Sci-Fi Movie “Armed Response”

April 7, 2017 - Movies, Sci-fi,

Author: Theo

WWE plus Sci-fi

WWE Studios which produces feature films for and about it’s wrestlers has been working on a sci-fi movie called Armed Response, featuring Wesley Snipes and WWE superstar Seth Rollins. Currently wrapping up in post production the film has been picked up Saban Films and will be coming to a theater near you, vs. PPV. The two different story genera don’t often crossover, but the fan base certainly does. It will be interesting to see how Armed Response plays out.


Based on John Stockwell’s sci-fi thriller Armed Response, originally titled “Temple”,  the film follows a team of highly trained operatives who find themselves trapped inside an isolated military compound after its core AI has suddenly shut down. (I’m thinking HAL meets The Thing right now) The crew begins to experience strange and horrific phenomena inside the base as they attempt to uncover what killed the previous team.


“‘Armed Response’ is a unique story, with the look and feel of a sci-fi epic,” said Saban’s Bill Bromiley. “We’ve been fans of WWE for a long time, and it is great to be partners on this film.”


Armed Response was produced by Gene Simmons (yes that Gene) who also stars in the film along with Anne Heche (Donnie Brasco) and Dave Annable. Apparently this is part of three picture deal featuring sci-fi horror films from WWE Studios. So if this works out, expect to see more movies starring WWE wrestlers. No word yet on the film’s release date.


Armed Response