Judge Dredd Live-Action TV Series

May 11, 2017 - Comics, Sci-fi, TV,

Author: Theo

Judge Dredd on your TV - as a series


The first details on the Judge Dredd live-action TV series have arrived. Serving as judge, jury and executioner the laws of Mega-City One lie solely in the hands of the few Street Judges who patrol the city… and these are their stories. Entertainment Weekly has reported that dystopian earth will once again be realized in a show based on the 70s British comic book Judge Dredd. Apply titled Judge Dredd: Mega-City One the TV show is under development by an entertainment company (IM Global) and a video game studio called Rebellion (Sniper Elite). Mark Stern from IM has several other sci-fi shows to his credit including Battlestar Galactica, Helix, and Defiance.




The Judge Dredd Story


Set in a future where international conflict has left most of the world a radioactive wasteland, [see also Peter Jackson’s Mortal Engines] this series will take place on the East Coast of the U.S. Now over crowded and crime-ridden, the Mega-City is a tough town – where the shit goes down quickly. To counteract the mayhem and to bring some control to the chaos a Judge System has been enacted. These “incorruptible” judges have the power to find you guilty and deliver the punishment – including death. The most interesting of all the judges is Mr. Dredd. Known for his incorruptibility, harsh attitude towards law-breaking “perps,” and ironic humour (the British spelling).


According to EW the show will be a drama following the efforts of Dredd and his fellow Judges, as they confront a vast cacophony criminals. Timely in its arrival the show will explore the limits of the law, and question the balance of security vs. freedom. Stern commented that part of the reason they are creating the comic book based TV series is these social themes.
“This is one of those seminal sci-fi properties that seems to only become and more relevant with age. Not only is it a rich world with biting social commentary, but it’s also fun as hell! As a fan of the comics and both films, it’s a dream come true to be able to work with Jason and Chris in adapting this for television.”
This is not the first time this comic based source material has been adapted before. In this case two movies preceded this attempt. If you are interested you have two ends of the spectrum. The 1995 more colourful (the British spelling) version that won several “worst film of the year” awards. Or the 2012 serious and violent adaptation of Judge Dredd version, which was a more faithful take on the Judge – and is available in 3D.

No network has been attached to series yet. There have been some rumors of a Netflix based series for some time, but they were centering more on a Dredd only version. This adaptation will include the full legal street staff. But we do a poster to make it seem more real.