SyFy Channel Reboot, More Upgrade, Less Reboot

May 12, 2017 - Sci-fi, TV,

Author: Mark

Lets call it SyFy 2.0

NBCUniversal has decided to “reboot” its SyFy channel and website to capture a larger share of the growing genre. Under the plan the network will open its programming to include more content beyond what it has been creating. While far from 100% original content now, the new flavor of SyFy will include more fantasy, science fiction, and superheroes. For example the cable network will now feature more than a dozen Marvel movies, and the entire Harry Potter series including the Fantastic Beasts. But more importantly several new original content shows were also announced…


Chris McCumber, the NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment president told Variety “In the past, it has been talking predominantly about our own shows. We are going to continue to do that, and our original content is key to our success, but we are also opening it up to the entire genre.”

Not a reboot, but a version 2.0


When I first heard the term reboot I was nervous some of our favorite shows might be in for a surprise. To me reboot implies a rework, but it appears the content focus of the network will continue in a very similar fashion, with an upgrade to less campy content. Sharknado 17 was not announced, but several new exciting series were tipped. The on/off Superman prequel Krypton is happening. Also greenlit a graphic novel adaptation of Happy! which will star Christopher Meloni and Bobby Moynihan. George R.R. Martin’s Nightflyers, based on a Martin’s novella, is also coming to Syfy. All awesome news, personally I’m far more excited about this new original content than more access to vintage Mr. Potter.

SyFy Wire will get the biggest change


Where the big change is happening is on the web. Syfy promises an all new look and feel for the SyFy Wire website. Content coverage will expand, and it will take a more inclusive look at content being created by other publishers. Expanding its news division, the Syfy Wire will also branch out to other media as well. SyFy Live which was launched at Comic Con last year will return again this year, and feels very much in line with this new inclusive attitude.


And there is a new logo, which will launch in June.



The “update” falls on the networks 25th anniversary (September) and big interest in the science fiction genre. New leadership at the network is putting bigger emphasis on the channel and its content as it focuses more on the core audience. (The Purge will be coming to both Syfy and USA) But damnit, the SyFy Channel will continue working on Sharknado sequels, so whew not a real reboot.