Assassin’s Creed Origins – First Impressions

June 14, 2017 - PlayStation, Video-Game, Xbox,

Author: Staff

Assassin’s Creed Origin Alpha Previewed


One of my favorite games took a pause last year to address some concerns with its future. Sales and reviews were slipping as the game aged. So the big question for me was could Ubisoft bring AC come back after a year on injured reserved. After getting a chance to play it at E3 on a XDK – Assassin’s Creed Origins looks and plays amazing.


The struggle in this situation is to remove the mundane, but keep the core and soul of the game. Ubisoft has done (most) of that. First off the 2018 installment looks and feels (again mostly) like the game I loved before.


Incredible seamless and detailed environments


Incredible scenery of 49BC Egypt is revealed in a smooth seamless way. You can ride, run, swim and fly your new friend Senu for miles without interruption. The first thing I did was literally get an eagle’s perspective of Origins by flying her around the map.  The view was bigger, because one the most notable differences in Origins is the missing mini-map. I was told it’s removal was to eliminate more distractions from your view. The map is now moved to an option button depending upon your console of choice. Have to say I didn’t real mind it’s removal either.


Part of the reason why is the UI of Assassin’s Creed has always been good, including this one. I’m referring to the on-screen options like “loot” or “carry”, wayfinding icons, and screens for important settings like skill trees. Speaking of, AC gets a new skill graph that details the multitude of of options you can now unlock. Purchased with points, these skills are sometime interconnected. Consult the tree of abilities for Bayek’s next learned skill and if it will connect to other skills.


This probably goes without saying climbing to the highest point is still the preferred method of syncing. The view from up top is one of the most iconic game moments of all time. I’m pretty sure they never considered changing this. Again looks awesome.

Combat in Assassin’s Creed Origins

It seemed to me the most different aspect of this new adventure is combat. During the E3 Coliseum the developers talked about reworking this mechanic. Combat is now based on a traditional hotbox. Swing an a miss is now far more possible – for you a your opponent. No more auto-closing of the gap, you have to earn it. You will want to take advantage of your opponents wiffs and counter with a quick blow. I was also told the AI bots will learn and adapt as a fight goes on. This will be especially true for Bosses. Yes there will be extra tough bad guys in the wild and an a special waved fight zone – also called The Coliseum.


Not overlooking the bow here. My favorite addition to combat. The bow can be very deadly. Draw and hold to aim your bow, and shoot for the head. Hits to other parts of the body are far less effective. I assume you can run out of arrows, but I never did. I also played pretty aggressive and died several times. No time to sneak around.