Second Coming Of Marvel On Netflix

June 8, 2017 - Comics, Marvel, TV,

Author: Staff

Punisher 1, Jessica Jones 2, Daredevil Season 3


And you thought The Defenders was going to be the end of Marvel on Netflix. Oh so untrue, Marvel and Netflix are just getting started. New seasons of Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Like Cage are set for 2018. And Don’t forget The Punisher will also get his stand-alone series. Looks like a packed schedule, might need to free up some time and stop going to the arcade.


Jessica Jones is already in production and is rumored to arrive early in 2018. Luke Cage started filming just a few days ago, according to Screen Rant, and Daredevil (my personal favorite) is set to begin later in the year. If these rumors hold true we expect to see Jessica in the spring, Luke late summer, and Daredevil possibly late summer or fall.


What happens post The Defenders


The Defenders will be a curious event. What is going to happen post The Defenders. Will the hybrid team-up series continue after this late summer run? Maybe it will be an annual event, like a Thanksgiving of sorts. That would be kinda’ cool. Who knows, but I have to say it will be weird if we don’t get some crossover events with all the other shows. Especially when all these heroes live just a few blocks from each other. Not to mention the Avengers are just downtown and I’m pretty sure they can see Harlem from their tower. Can we get an Iron Man cameo please?


Remember Netflix does not have an exclusive on Marvel content. Aside from Agents of SHIELD we also can look forward to Inhumans on ABC after it finishes it’s run on IMAX. I’m also looking forward to The Runaways series that will arrive on Hulu later this year (hopefully) and The Gifted coming to Fox.


The Defenders arrives on August 18, 2017, with The Punisher coming later this year. Episode director Dearbhla Walsh let slip a November release date in an interview with THR.