Sony’s Marvel Universe And The Sliver & Black Film

June 24, 2017 - Comics, Marvel, Movies,

Author: Staff

When they are good, they are bad


One of the more interesting future comic book movies in the works is Sony’s film Silver & Black. There no official release yet but plenty of rumors surrounding this Spider-verse event, especially with Homecoming arriving soon. The graphic novel inspired movie will feature the characters Black Cat and Silver Sable. Filling the gray space between good and evil the two characters have been in Marvel comics since the early 80s. Each with their own baggage, the team up would be a wild ride if done properly.


Screen Rant reported earlier that film will actually be called “Silver & Black” and it will be directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood who has previous experience in the Marvel universe with Cloak and Dagger. If all goes well THR says filming would start this fall for a 2019 release date. Silver and Black apparently won’t have much to do with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man tho, but may include Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman)



Who are these Frenemies?


Felicia Hardy was inspired by her dad’s propensity to steal stuff and eventually became Black Cat. Currently a semi-reformed burglar she is also a former girlfriend of the original web slinger. Silver Sable shares Black Cat’s conflicted lifestyle. A mercenary who may or may not, want to do the right thing she is often in conflict with other heroes and sometimes villains. The most interesting characters are often only out for themselves.



Silver & Black will not be MCU compatible


It seems like the anti-hero film will not be part of the MCU, which not completely surprising but a little confusing with Spider-Man teaming up with the Avengers later this year. But Sony is making a new run at superhero films after pausing everything a few years ago and abandoned previous Spider-Man movies. Venom is confirmed and has a fall 2018 release date – includes Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock. This is all shaping up for another parallel Marvel universe, again.



An all female gig?


One of the more intriguing rumors is Silver and Black will be an all female joint. Borrowing some mojo from the success of Wonder Woman, Sony might try for it’s own girl-power movie? This was reported by Slash Film but actually I’m not sure what this even means. And one more rumor to toss in here… The Silver and Black film will be an origins film (surprised) with many cameo appearances from familiar faces such as Norman Osborn, and several others like The Scorpion and The Tarantula.