Each Year Comic Con Exceeds Expectations, And Often Disappoints

July 16, 2017 - Comic-Con, Sci-fi,

Author: Mark

Celebrating the popular arts, again


Celebrating the popular arts, the San Diego Comic Con 2017 starts on Wednesday this week. I’m wondering what the high and low points are going to be in this instalment. Each year Comic Con finds a new way to be awesome, and a new way to less than that. Sometimes it’s obvious, like the time we thought we could get dinner and still make it back to see the Luke Cage reveal. In my defense, the room was half empty when we left! Sometimes it’s more obtuse, like running into Syndicate just walking out of the Call of Duty offsite the night before opening.


Last year SyFy Live seemed like an sure-to-be-good event, – but man it wasn’t. Tapping away on my computer a few weeks before SDCC last year, I was grabbing tickets within minutes of reading they were available. Will Arnett was hosting and the guest list for the day I had tickets for included Norman Reedus from the Walking Dead, and the cast of Mr. Robot. Can’t go wrong there, and I bet Will would be promoting his new Lego Batman Movie. Maybe we will get some cool Lego Batman stuff, or a sneak previews, at least a weird story about about Christian Slater.



Well it was damn hot on the roof of some hotel where it was taking place, fucking hot actually. Mr. Arnett wasn’t very engaging (maybe it was the heat), rarely acknowledging the audience, and the cast of Mr. Robot? Yeah that was pre-taped and shown on a screen. Best part – we got Walking Dead luggage tags.


But if I give a bad example I must counter with something that was truly awesome – albeit small. On the last day (I think) artist¬†Robert Sammelin was signing autographs at the Dark Horse booth. At the time I didn’t know who he was but I saw a few people holding Battlefield 1 posters that had been signed. Battlefield* being probably being one of the greatest games of all time I walked up just as the last people were leaving. His signing time was up. I asked if I could get one last poster and he graciously stayed. We ended up talking for 15 minutes. Robert is a concept artist who’s awesome work I’ve enjoyed for years. If you have seen the box for Battlefield 1 – then you’ve see his work.



Comic Con always delivers something, a few years ago I went to the Factory booth for an Archer cast signing. Dr. Krieger was there (Lucky Yates). When I walked up holding my Pam Poovey therapy dolphin he gives me this weird double take look. Then he tells me I look just like his long lost brother. (I’m not sure what that meant exactly) but he ends up taking a picture of me to send to his mom.


*We got preview Battlefield 1 last year at Xbox Live, arriving early we were in the very first group.  Jack took first place during our session and won a Logitech gaming mouse.