And We Are Back…

December 16, 2017 - Sci-fi, Video-Game,

Author: Staff

Back but not in Black anymore

Hey so after a three month break and a chance to collect my thoughts (and recover from some personal stuff) I’m relaunching the site as the zero19. Anyone who has been here before will find that it looks pretty much the same as the old Black Phosphor blog just a new URL – for now. Well and it now lives on a new secure server. The new site will be less news focused and more of our personal view. It will feature commentary and criticism of the sci-fi and video games we devour. With no shortage of either I can promise we won’t cover it all, just what we can.


We have some cool things lined up and we will be attending more events than ever. Expect things to change over the next few weeks as we approach the new year. As always please feel free to reach out via our contact form or twitter. You can also find me on Playstation as zeroNineteen, Xbox as TheZeroNineteen, Steam as TheZeroNineteen and as zeroNineteen, anyhow you get the idea.