Into The Badlands Season 3 on Netflix

March 10, 2019 - Sci-fi, TV,

Author: Staff

On Netflix We Wait...

So when is Into The Badlands Season 3 coming to Netflix, you have been asking, I’m happy to tell you “now” is the answer. (Finally) the 2018 season has arrived on everyone’s favorite commercial-free and binge-friendly video service. While it might have seemed like a long time it was about a year after the first episode of S3 aired. The release of season 3 falls about two week before the new season 4 will premier on Sunday March 24th on AMC. With a little commitment you can get caught up and then watch them “live” on AMC this spring. Season 4 of Badlands will also be eight more episodes.




Into the Badlands is easily one of our favorite sci-fi martial arts TV shows of all time. A deep mix of characters that are well cast anchor a unique and captivating story. The caliber of the action is excellent, with clever and surprising choreography and interesting battlefields. Mixing conventional fighting with a little mystic arts and some impromptu Jackie Chan. It’s some of the best action on TV right now. As long as you buy into the premises – because to be honest every once in awhile it can boarder on a little ridiculous. But listen, if you can accept The Avengers or Suicide Squad this won’t be any problem.


Fan of the series can expect Into the Badlands to go deeper in the mythology and deeper in to Sunny’s quest. Plenty of bloodshed, and maybe a bit more humor? Season 3 episode 1 will not recap the previous events so you might want to refresh your knowledge before you start.