Gaming On Sparkling Ice With Caffeine – A Review

September 2, 2019 - Video-Game,

Author: Staff

We shared some Sparkling Ice +Caffeine with friends

A rainy and cold weekend before school started (for some of us) provided us a chance to try some Sparkling Ice with Caffeine. Sparkling Ice provided us with several cans and flavors to enjoy and we really appreciated that, here’s what we think – it’s like that cake you want, and then getting to eat said cake. I’m using that analogy because while I love the low carbonation and caffeine, I sometimes find sparkling Ice tastes too sweet for me. However writing for the group – I found myself in the minority when the extended Zero19 crew had a Labor Day weekend taste test.

Yeah the cold weekend provided the excuse to gather a few us one more time before school seriously sets in. College requires caffeine and if you are trying to stretch your small amount of time to game Sparkling Ice w/caffeine is a contender. I’m a sugar free Red Bull and cold press coffee drinker. I don’t like the sugar waters so that eliminates many of the ready to drink options, but this I’ll buy.

We quickly drank all we had so I’m going to conclude everyone really enjoyed it. Ice contains no aspartame, and never will according to Talking Rain beverage company. It does have antioxidants and vitamins, actually a significant amount of vitamin A (the antioxidant), D, B6 and vitamin B12. It’s also keto friendly which was important to one of our friends.

“As in life, chill for best results.”

Sparkling Ice with Caffeine comes in these flavors Blue Raspberry, Orange Passionfruit, Black Raspberry, Strawberry Citrus and Triple Citrus. We thought the Triple Citrus tasted similar to Mountain Dew, so start there if you are Dew drinker. I personally liked the Strawberry flavor over ice so it was less sweet. You can find Ice in all its variations and flavors available at Walmart.