Now that you have had plenty of time to see any (or all) of the Marvel movies from 2016, I’m going to offer up my spoiler filled “least believable scene

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has gotten a re-org this summer, here’s what happened to the MCU and its not all good news. Now that we have new superhero features to

FX is joining the Marvel universe with a new drama series based on the Marvel comics character Legion. The tv series will be based on the mutant son of none

The Comic Archive and blogger Michael Furth painstakingly edited all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, Marvel One Shots, and some Agents of SHIELD episodes into complete chronological order. Taking scenes

  One of the more interesting future comic book movies in the works is Sony’s film Silver & Black. There no official release yet but plenty of rumors surrounding this

  Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn talked about the struggles of continuity, canon, and the MCU during a panel at last weeks’ E3 Coliseum event. Entitled “World Builders”

  Our next hope for the X-Men will be the New Mutants, and it’s starting to take shape. We already know that the this installment will be directed by Josh Boone

  The somewhat jumbled Fox X-Men MCU (sometime called the XMCU) will have another go at the Phoenix Saga with the upcoming and official X-Men movie sequel. Confirmed to be

Spider-Man’s longtime arch nemesis Venom will get its own stand-alone feature movie next year. Long in the works at Sony we haven’t heard much of anything about the movie until

  From what we have been gathering, the upcoming Fox/Marvel X-Force film will feature fan favorite Cable along with an R rating. reports that Joe Carnahan (The Grey, The