Catch it before the pull it down, here is the first video of the Nintendo Switch OS. Uploaded yesterday the video has been watched by almost 2 million people already.

The Nintendo Switch event was held tonight and first off let me tell you it will release on March 3rd across the world; simultaneously arriving in the USA, Japan, Canada, and Europe.

Today the Japanese gaming giant Nintendo will release an official 3 minute Nintendo NX Tease. Its said to provide a brief glimpse into the new world of the NX video

There is a new wild, yet fun rumor about Call Of Duty on the Nintendo NX. According to a post on Dual Pixels information from an “inside source” (that the site has

Nintendo has been riveling Apple in its secrecy about the new Nintendo NX platform and rumors have grown to fill in the gaps. And some of these rumors have gotten

Nintendo is bringing the original Game Boy versions of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow to the 3DS. Long before inflation drove Pokemon to Diamons and Pearls there were just the

The Nintendo NX is real and will start production this fall, if reports from the Taiwan-based Digitimes are true. The rumored, and recently confirmed, Nintendo next gen console has been

Nintendo has announced it made a ¥41 billion (about $350 million) profit for their fiscal year which just ended in March. Compare this to previous reports including last years loss

  Sony is creating new innovative PlayStation games you will control with your phone. The idea is called PlayLink, and it will allow multiple people to participate in one PS4

  After a tumultuous period Valiant Comics was rebooted in 2012, dubbed the “Summer of Valiant” a landmark comic was re-released at this time called Bloodshot. Along with another property