I’ve been trying to decide if I should buy Destiny 2 on the PC this time around. While that wasn’t an option last time I’ve since been buying a

Video game publisher Electronic Arts just started offering an interesting new service for PC gamers, it’s called Origin Access, and for $30 a year it offers 50+ games – with

A press release from retailer GAME gives us more information on many special and deluxe video game collector’s edition for upcoming titles. GAME has over 300 stores in the UK

20th Century Fox the makers of both the incredible and the miserable Marvel movie has just shaken up it’s release schedual according to BoxOffice .  The pub is reporting that the

We have some more details on the final 3 upcoming Super Smash Bros. fighters, Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta. The previously announced Cloud from Final Fantasy VII is available to download

  Continuing the tradition of FPS games and energy drinks, Destiny 2 announced a new promotion with Pop-Tarts and Rockstar energy drinks. The previously partner – Red Bull is out.

  We got a chance to play a few rounds of Battlefield 1 In the Name of Tsar at EA Play before E3 get started tomorrow. Playing on what appeared

  EA earlier announced a beta for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 with a 3 day exclusive with preorder of the game. The news was certainly not unexpected. Almost every FPS

  Yesterday Blizzard released new content into the Overwatch PTR – a new map called Horizon Lunar Colony, and a fun new Arcade mode called Low Gravity. The update now

  Those guys at Razer, maker of fine gaming peripherals have partnered with game publisher Bungie to release new gear for the upcoming mega-title Destiny 2. Razer will release a suite of