Sony is creating new innovative PlayStation games you will control with your phone. The idea is called PlayLink, and it will allow multiple people to participate in one PS4

  FINALLY Sony has finally announced support for external hard drives!   Well that only took forever. PlayStation System Software Update 4.50 will finally allow owners an easier way to

Sony has announced the Glacier White PlayStation 4 model as a possible replacement for the PlayStation Slim. The new white PlayStation will arrive with in the UK first, on January

To celebrate the promise of the New Year, Sony released a new game footage sizzle reel showing many of the PlayStation 4 exclusives coming in 2017. Including pretty much everything

Sony was going to some lengths to assure gamers the PS4 Pro introduction would not create two classes of game, but inevitably there will be differences in some titles –

Yesterday we got the first look at the official PlayStation licensed Pro Controllers built by game hardware specialist Razar, and Nacon Gaming. These well respected eSports peripheral manufactures have many years

Sony just announced all the games on the PlayStation VR demo disc. Channeling some old school when demos arrived on plastic the PSVR comes with many trial versions.  Each retail

Live from New York, it’s the big PlayStation Meeting where we can finally get some details and confirmations about all the leaks.  Sony will be officially announcing at the PlayStation

PlayStation System 4.00 is coming and an open beta test is available for you to check out before it launches.  The next OS for Sony’s popular console will be a major update,

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment hosted the PlayStation VR Asia conference and released two new trailers via YouTube that mostly highlight upcoming titles for the soon to be released VR device.   The