SCUF the premier game controller manufacturer, now offers complete customization of your Xbox Elite Controller. Allowing gamers to tweak both the visual appearance with unique designs, and the ergonomic performance

  Microsoft has announced the ear splitting movie theater surround sound technology Dolby Atmos will be coming to Xbox One and is currently avaiable on Windows 10. The revolutionary surround

Microsoft’s latest Xbox promotion gives you a shot at winning all the stuff on your Xbox Christmas wish list. Well actually only the top five but still. Entering the contest

Previously called the Xbox Preview Program, a new featured testing environment, is being renamed and the new Xbox OS preview will be open to all users. Announced via the Major Nelson blog

OK 24 hours is up, it’s time for the Black Phosphor Xbox Design Lab Controller review. Purchased on the very easy to used Design Lab site back in June, It took

Microsoft and great design were not often used in the same sentence, but recently over the last few years we are seeing a bold new sense of design from Seattle

Formally announced at E3 the Xbox Play Anywhere feature will let you cross-play some titles seamlessly between Xbox and Windows 10.  The feature effectively lets you buy the Xbox One

Microsoft announced the successor to the Xbox One, the Xbox S at E3 earlier this month, and I’m sold.  The update offers a significantly smaller chassis compared to the heavy beast currently under

Just around the corner on May 18th Xbox Live will release almost one million dormant gamertags. Want to change your tag from xxNoScOpe360_1337_sNiPeRxx to something less embarrassing, here’s your chance.

It was not that long along ago all console gamers including me, were a little worried about the future of gaming.  Before the launch of the lasts gen boxes, industry