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Activision and Infinity Ward just announced the details on how to get in on the upcoming Call of Duty Alpha. Clear your weekend schedule the Modern Warfare 2v2 Alpha Test

From the guy who earlier made murder church and the player oven in Fallout 76, comes the Deathclaw Maze attraction where players can check-out but never leave. The self described labyrinth features a semi-tame

  I recently had a lot of trouble connecting a PlayStation 4 controller to my PlayStation. We have two PlayStations sitting side-by-side and suddenly one day my SCUF controller just

  Star Wars Battlefront 2 launched on November 19th but the first critics had already begun raising hell days before. Reviewers and some fans reaction was swift and loud. Ultimately

Hey so after a three month break and a chance to collect my thoughts (and recover from some personal stuff) I’m relaunching the site as the zero19. Anyone who has

  Continuing the tradition of FPS games and energy drinks, Destiny 2 announced a new promotion with Pop-Tarts and Rockstar energy drinks. The previously partner – Red Bull is out.

  Sony is creating new innovative PlayStation games you will control with your phone. The idea is called PlayLink, and it will allow multiple people to participate in one PS4

  One of my favorite games took a pause last year to address some concerns with its future. Sales and reviews were slipping as the game aged. So the big

  We got a chance to play a few rounds of Battlefield 1 In the Name of Tsar at EA Play before E3 get started tomorrow. Playing on what appeared


  EA teased a new sci-fi monster video game called Anthem. Previously known as codename “Dylan” the BioWare title hopes to create a new franchise for publisher EA. While you can watch