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  Fox just released the first full trailer for their upcoming Marvel X-Men based TV show called The Gifted. If you have been following along, yes the show will be

  Our next hope for the X-Men will be the New Mutants, and it’s starting to take shape. We already know that the this installment will be directed by Josh Boone

NBCUniversal has decided to “reboot” its SyFy channel and website to capture a larger share of the growing genre. Under the plan the network will open its programming to include

  The first details on the Judge Dredd live-action TV series have arrived. Serving as judge, jury and executioner the laws of Mega-City One lie solely in the hands of

  Finnish developer of Max Payne, Alan Wake, and recently Quantum Break has started on a new project called “Project 7.” Working a new publishing partnership with 505 Games (Rocket

  The Gears of War live-action movie now has a screenwriter and is starting to heat up, increasing the chances we might see one of Microsoft’s biggest IPs come to

  Happy Cinco de Mayo all, is Warner Bros. making it hard to get your work done lately? All these trailers and teasers. The latest addition is the Blade Runner

  Put on your respirator, Warner Bros. has started production of DC’s solo Aquaman movie. Celebrating the event, WB also released the official Aquaman logo. Sporting the iconic, yet updated trident icon on

  Right off I’m just going to say if you love Bethesda games, you will love Prey, and I suppose the opposite is true also.  Recent Bethesda games like The

  American Gods premieres tonight on Starz, if you are looking for some bloody mythology, mixed with sci-fi fighting fantasy this might be something to check out. Based on a twisted

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  Sony now has an end-game for the live-action Masters of the Universe feature film. Announced in 2014 as a work in progress the sci-fi story born from a cartoon

  Hey it was (well still is for most of us) Alien Day today. Here are few events and announcements that have gone down this April 26th. First off you

  The somewhat jumbled Fox X-Men MCU (sometime called the XMCU) will have another go at the Phoenix Saga with the upcoming and official X-Men movie sequel. Confirmed to be

  King Kong: Skull Island the TV series is in the works as a modern day continuation of the movie’s story. According to sources including The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline, the

  The first trailer for Syfy‘s upcoming DC Comics based series called Krypton, was sort-of released today. Set as a prequel to pretty much everything in the DC movie universe, the new TV

  Netflix is bringing the popular supernatural Japanese manga series to the masses, Death Note live action movie is on the way. The 12 volume series first published analog by Shōnen Jump appeared

After years of development Peter Jackson’s next sci-fi movie Mortal Engines is currently in production in New Zealand. Based on the story written by Phillip Reeve, Mortal Engines is set

One of the most loved video game franchises of all time, Mega Man is getting a new TV series on Cartoon Network. Mega Man (aka Rockman in Japan) has dozens of

  Last September Sony revealed the much anticipated  The Last of Us: Part 2 during the PlayStation Experience, and the crowd went wild. Long rumored the PS exclusive is coming

  Updated: The new Overwatch season event is now live, and it’s called Overwatch Uprising. Jump back 7 years to Tracers’ very first mission. Features more than 100 declassified Loot