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  Sony now has an end-game for the live-action Masters of the Universe feature film. Announced in 2014 as a work in progress the sci-fi story born from a cartoon

  Hey it was (well still is for most of us) Alien Day today. Here are few events and announcements that have gone down this April 26th. First off you

  The somewhat jumbled Fox X-Men MCU (sometime called the XMCU) will have another go at the Phoenix Saga with the upcoming and official X-Men movie sequel. Confirmed to be

  King Kong: Skull Island the TV series is in the works as a modern day continuation of the movie’s story. According to sources including The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline, the

  The first trailer for Syfy‘s upcoming DC Comics based series called Krypton, was sort-of released today. Set as a prequel to pretty much everything in the DC movie universe, the new TV

  Netflix is bringing the popular supernatural Japanese manga series to the masses, Death Note live action movie is on the way. The 12 volume series first published analog by Shōnen Jump appeared

After years of development Peter Jackson’s next sci-fi movie Mortal Engines is currently in production in New Zealand. Based on the story written by Phillip Reeve, Mortal Engines is set

One of the most loved video game franchises of all time, Mega Man is getting a new TV series on Cartoon Network. Mega Man (aka Rockman in Japan) has dozens of

  Last September Sony revealed the much anticipated  The Last of Us: Part 2 during the PlayStation Experience, and the crowd went wild. Long rumored the PS exclusive is coming

  Updated: The new Overwatch season event is now live, and it’s called Overwatch Uprising. Jump back 7 years to Tracers’ very first mission. Features more than 100 declassified Loot

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  Instantly #1 trending today is the Thor: Ragnarok teaser trailer, that I expected. But the amount of dry humor mixed in the trailer is more unexpected. More Guardians of the Galaxy than

  Michael Crichton who gave us such unique and amazing science fiction including Westworld, and Jurassic Park penned his final novel Micro in 2011. The sci-fi techno-thriller story was left

  Prepare to “rethink your history” they are telling us, because the new and final Transformers: The Last Knight trailer debuts next Wednesday. The Last Knight shatters the lore of

WWE Studios which produces feature films for and about it’s wrestlers has been working on a sci-fi movie called Armed Response, featuring Wesley Snipes and WWE superstar Seth Rollins. Currently

  After a tumultuous period Valiant Comics was rebooted in 2012, dubbed the “Summer of Valiant” a landmark comic was re-released at this time called Bloodshot. Along with another property

  After last week’s episode of Colony I couldn’t help myself , I binge watched the last two episodes including the season finale via screeners. I just had to know

  Can’t believe it actually got off the ground in the first place, but thankfully Pacific Rim: Uprising is a wrap and it won’t be long now before the sequel

Getting right to it, sometime “Holiday 2017” will be the Star Wars Battlefront 2 release date.  Nothing more specific yet, but confirmed during conference call, EA stated the sequel to

  Ubisoft has been working on several extensions of its video game properties into movies and television, and it appears Assassin’s Creed may be getting a TV adaption. While it

Horizon Zero Dawn had an impressive launch, truly a game where everything came together including the incredible game details. The level of details is amazing in this game. While scurrying