Videogame Movies

Here are the video game inspired movies we are covering on the Black Phosphor. You will find news, stories, and articles – we focus primarily on scifi and graphic novel based videogame movies, but you might see a few others in here as well. Watch your favorite videogame get translated to live-action, and maybe someday we will get that truely awesome videogame movie.

  The Gears of War live-action movie now has a screenwriter and is starting to heat up, increasing the chances we might see one of Microsoft’s biggest IPs come to

  Ubisoft has been working on several extensions of its video game properties into movies and television, and it appears Assassin’s Creed may be getting a TV adaption. While it


Remember the video game Sleeping Dogs, detective Wei Shen roaming in an open-world adventure game set in Hong Kong, the one that didn’t get the sequel we wanted, well it

A new Laura Croft will return for a third attempt at the video game based Tomb Raider, this time the reboot will feature the very lovely Alicia Vikander. She will be replacing Angelina

Ubisoft’s motion picture adaptation of its mega video-game franchise Assassin’s Creed arrives in a just over a week. Skipping a year in its customary yearly game release schedual (because the

The Uncharted Movie, much like many other other video game to movie adaptations has taken a long and winding road to development. But progress was made last week when it


Universal Pictures is now the proud owner of the rights to make a Gears of War movie, someday. One of Microsoft’s most popular IPs – Gear of War 4 launched last week


The Hollywood Reporter has disclosed that indie video game developer Campo Santo, has a deal to bring it’s first-person hit Firewatch to the big screen.  The new deal with film production


There is a chance that the popular video game Life is Strange and the town of Arcadia Bay, Oregon will be made into a live-action series.  Game publisher Square Enix has

20th Century Fox has just released a new Hitman: Agent 47 Featurette for the upcoming video game based feature. The short Featurette includes commentary from lead actor Rupert Friend who